Jan 14 / Shannon McGuire

Your Gift

We all have a gift inside of us.

It’s this very special, unique present that was placed inside your heart that you need to find and go give to others. It's like a treasure chest and you're on the hunt for it. And once you find it, you're supposed to share it. You’re not supposed to hold on to it, you’re not supposed to keep it to yourself. You're supposed to find this gift and then give it, and by giving it, others may be able to locate their gift and give it to the world alongside you.

That's the way it works. You pay it forward. 

And that's the whole point. If you think about what Christmas represents, it’s giving gifts. It's not so much about what you receive as much as what and how you give, because by giving, you do receive. We are constantly being gifted.

So, what kind of gift do you have? What does it mean for the world? Go help your kids or (someone else) work on finding their gift today by giving them yours.