Jan 19 / Shannon McGuire

SupreME Moms are World-Class

SupreME Moms are masters of their craft—being themselves!

As a SupreME Mom, you're focused on just that—being a SupreME Mom. I started by asking myself, “What does that mean on my terms?” For me that meant cutting out the shit that didn’t serve me so I could be a better person for me AND my children. 

That means I'm not paying attention to what other mothers are doing. I'm not paying attention to what’s on television and the world around me. That's what I do. I cut out TV, I cut out the news, I cut out the things that don't serve me and my attention. I focus and go hard on the things that do matter, listening to what me and my family need. Listening to what WE desire. Listening and paying attention to MY WORLD.

Listening to the inner voices that guide and direct me towards the things that I must be focused on. To clarify that even more, it really comes down to tradeoffs. In order to be a SupreME Mom, I have to let go of the shit that doesn't serve me. Being a victim and staying caught up in what other people did to me and what other people are saying and what other people are doing and living through the screen of other people's lives doesn’t serve me. 

Getting insight, getting educated, getting knowledge and wisdom from others and what they've experienced—completely different because I’m using that to move towards my SupreME self.

Being SupreME means that I'm well-balanced in different areas that serve my highest good. I'm healthy, my relationships are right, my wisdom is great and being built, my creativity is being manifested, and I'm financially fit and secure. 

Those are the five areas that matter to me in my life. So, what am I doing to be healthy? What am I doing to make sure my relationships are nurtured? What am I doing to advance my wisdom? What am I doing for creativity and what am I doing for my finances? Those are things that work for me. 

Cutting off the things and weaknesses that don't serve you is quite different though, from being passive and not focusing on the things that you know are important! There's some non-negotiables right? Love and all the emotions, happiness, joy, excitement—those are outcomes of making sure that I double down on the values that are important to me. 

Health is important to me, so for me, that means not eating fast food. Health is important to me. So that means taking time to make my mental health right. Health is important to me, so how am I moving my body? Health is important to me, so I'm making sure I'm in nature. 

When it comes to health, there's only so much you can do and so long you can go by not investing in your physical activity, food and mental well-being. 

Unattendedness WILL crush you. 

So, if you're not healthy, you can't get out of the bed. You can't think straight—so then how in the hell are you going to mom for anybody else or be the best SupreME you that you can be?  

You can only go so far without relationships. Investing time and energy in the people around you— listening, being supportive of them, and nurturing those relationships are of paramount importance. If you aren't doing that properly and you're doing it all from the touch of a screen and you're not sitting face to face, eye to eye, with physical contact, that's going to get hard. 

If you're not investing in knowledge of life and you're making foolish decisions and you're not learning lessons and you're not charting and thinking, “How can I get better and how do I grow?” you're going to be stagnant and you're going to be unhappy. 
If you're not getting manifesting creativity and taking your ideas or thoughts or imagination and turning it into your reality, it's going to be hard for you because then you're going to say, “Well, damn, I'm not getting anything done or I'm not creating.” Creativity is not reserved for the few. 

And when it comes to your finances, don't get it twisted. Money is important because it gives you the ability to live the life that YOU prefer. Is it the most important thing? No. Is it an important thing? Absolutely. So thinking through those lens for moms will be really important. It’s about the WELLthy life. That’s world-classy badassness.