Jan 20 / Shannon McGuire

Make Room for Silence

Embrace those uneventful, peaceful moments because they allow space for acknowledgment of your existence.

We are so connected by technology. Never in human history have we had access to information as quickly and efficiently as we do right now. Funny thing is that we’re drowning in content yet starving for wisdom.

Embracing silence and solitude is imperative for cleansing yourself from this deluge of time-sucking entertainment.

It all starts by connecting with your own heart. It’s amazing what a difference sitting quietly makes. Add some deep breaths and focus on the beating of your heart and calm washes over you—after some time.

With repetition, it’s a process that gets easier and easier.

Practice ways to stop and observe your own existence to cultivate gratitude. This could be accomplished by praying, meditating, eating a meal, listening to the wind or whatever method works for you.

You likely carve out time every day to work out, watch TV, or read a book. Is it also reasonable to set aside 15 minutes to be alone with your thoughts?