Jan 18 / Shannon McGuire

A Message in the Chaos

Begin to redefine who you are. 

Yes, I know motherhood is hard AF.

I know what it’s like to sit at home alone and in the dark and not know how you’re going to make it. 

I know what it feels like to be around people everyday and still feel alone. 

I know what it feels like to never have a day off or moment to rest.

I know what it is like to have constant interruption of thought.

I know what it’s like to have a “crazy” idea that you can’t explain. 

I know what it’s like to feel called.

I know the doubt that sets in when thinking about what is being asked.

I also know how it feels when God places something on your heart—something stronger and greater than anything you’ve done before. 

For me that was being a mother.

Is there anything more important that life?

On the flip side who are we without this title? Without this role?

If we don’t place being a mom at the forefront of our minds and decisions—where does our focus go?

If we’ve backburned our dreams, visions, calling—how do we take this on at this stage in our lives?

Where do we begin?

For me—that meant starting with answering one question, who am I?

When I strip away all the roles, responsibilities, and labels—who’s left?

That’s one place you can begin.