Jan 9 / Shannon McGuire

Power of Moms

Being a mother and entering motherhood is one of the most selfless periods of our lives.

The power of mothers is beyond miraculous. To include another being as part of yourself, of your world, is awe inspiring. I think we’ve reached a point where we’re so busy, distracted and focused on the next thing, that we don’t ever contemplate the magical nature of motherhood.

Moments like this happen right after labor and delivery. In that moment you feel so incredible by having given birth and receiving this bundle of joy. It also happens when you adopt and welcome that being into your world. Sometimes it’s the moment that hits you when you are a step-mom, and you look at those other humans and realize you have such great love for them. The level of warmth and emotional overload is almost indescribable. 

The female body during pregnancy is one of the best examples of creativity and innovation. From conception, our bodies incubate and create a whole new being, surrounding it with warmth and comfort. It’s so unconscious that we don’t have to think about all the things we need to do. Our body is a part of this vast intelligence that just knows what to do and makes it happen!

Moms are KEY! The quality of humans and life is decreasing. We are bombarded with mental and chemical dependency, poor food options, drugs, alcohol and societal o-pin-ions that are so misleading, angry and fear-based. It creates cowardice and victimhood.  

As mothers we have the POWER to create a strong foundation for our kids – giving them the values, love and focus to know that they are miracles and can change the world for the better! We are the facilitators, strategists and coaches that help them make it happen. They are children of promise who can achieve what they set out to do. 

I used to think that line was bullshit because as a kid I would wake up in despair in an environment surrounded by chaos, violence and trauma. I knew nothing else. But even in that environment, there were people who showcased hope and reminded me of the power that I had to change my experience.

I was young and didn’t fully understand. The unpacking of the emotions and experience brought me back to those moments where I reached down inside and remembered who I was, the things I’ve overcome and the advice that I’ve received. My mother ALWAYS told me that I can do better than she did. She demanded it.

As mothers we are cheerleaders, boogie man chasers, and a source of strength and recharge. Our children look to us as examples of who and who not to be. It is in our best interest to be our most complete, fullest, truest, authentic, genuine selves. By doing so, we showcase to our children that we are SupreME…and they are SupreME! 

So go on and reign!