Jul 26 / Shannon McGuire

Learning to Let Go

Throughout our lives, we go through a constant cycle of holding on and releasing.

I’ve learned that letting go is a key component of serenity which leads to joy and peace of mind. As humans we will experience a broken heart, loss, and change. We create bonds and become emotionally attached to the people in our lives. When we lose them, it can be some of our most painful experiences, which can lead to extreme grief. The emotional rollercoaster takes us up and down, around and loop de loop. Just when we think it’s over, we take another spin. 

Life is always in transition and we have a constant need to manage change. Dealing with hard truths is not easy but it’s a must. Ducking our heads in the sand and wanting to be told warm and fuzzy lies does nothing for our progress and healing. 

We face a constant barrage of choices. These can be looked at as micro decisions that lead to macro change over time. The amount of consistency we apply is the MOST important thing to note when it comes to decisions. How we chose to see our stories is key. If we keep reciting the negative narrative, it cements in our consciousness and becomes the reality experience. If I take all the bad shit that’s happened to me over my lifetime, stuff it into my negative storybook, and tell myself that bedtime saga every single night, I would be a pretty screwed up individual.

Don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of cruel, evil, despicable things that happen to people every day. I have been the casualty of many predatory experiences, but they don’t get to take my power away. As a conqueror I won’t take on a victim label. I get to own my story. I get to create my own destiny. And most importantly I am ALWAYS powered.

When I take the time to ask myself, who’s suffering from the situation, it is almost always me. Who or what caused the problem doesn’t usually matter. The problem is mine to own if I am the one suffering. No one else will be able to change my feelings. I have learned to take control of myself, my feelings & emotions, and my actions moving forward. I have learned to let go of the things that don’t serve me.

Navigating this turbulent world is much easier when I effectively balance optimism and realistic thinking. I regularly evaluate how I look at life — and am radically honest with myself. I can waste energy thinking about why life is messed up, or I can gratefully show up for my reality as is — failure, victory and everything else in tow.

That’s the strength that comes from learning to let go.