Jan 18 / Shannon McGuire

Courage Builds Confidence

Doing the things that scare you creates more confidence.

Confidence comes from courage. And I love the word courage because it means going forth and doing the things that scare you. Doing things that are fearful. And once you have the courage to do those things and take action, you'll start to build confidence. You will have confidence in yourself and your abilities, and that confidence will radiate.

And you will become this Being that produces a ray of light, an assuredness so strong that those around you will look at you and go, “Huh—that person has it figured out. So I should probably pay attention to that person because they are getting results. They are demonstrating the behaviors, the vernacular, that proves to me that they have confidence and, better yet, they have the courage to do the things that scare them. They have the courage to do the hard things, the things that most people won't do.”

And I think that's really important.

One of the top fears, which still blows my mind a bit, is public speaking. I believe that is a top fear because most people are insecure and lacking confidence to get up in front of a room or on a screen out of fear of rejection, which is ultimately a fear of pain. 

Going back to school days, we didn't want to be ridiculed in front of the class. We didn't want to be wrong because once you are wrong—you know that kid that teased you, that teacher that sat you down and said, “Oh no, that's wrong. Here's the right answer”—it does something to you. If you feel that hitch inside your chest and your stomach lurches and you're like, “Wow, I was wrong, and now people are laughing at me and that doesn't feel good, therefore I'm not good— I'm not good enough.”

So, going back to courage, doing the things that bring about the fear that give you pause, that make you contemplate, “Is this the right thing to do?” Those are the things to move forward with. Have courage. Having the courage to do it because there is no try. You either do or don't—You either did it or you didn’t. So, doing it will then give you confidence because you'll come out on the other side. More than likely, you will come out on the other side and when you come out on the other side, you'll go, “Huh! I did that scary thing. What's next?”

And it's not always easy. It's like a re-up every day! Every day you have to re-up your courage and face something new, something that stretches you. It's like mental exercising. You wear those muscles out to fatigue, and then you push, you continue to push. When you rest, the muscle grows, and you go back again. You can't just get there and think that, “Oh, that's it. I got this muscle. Check! On to the next thing.” You have to keep going. I mean, you have to keep conditioning that muscle and that's really important to know because our mind muscle is freaking important! Confidence, resilience, persistence, tenacity. It all comes from courage—from doing the things that we fear.

So go do something that scares you. You’ll thank yourself later.